How to Sell Whiskey, Wine and Collectable Spirits at auction:

  •               Gather any information, inventory, or photos from your collection
  •               Contact us and start the conversation
  •               Bring your bottles to us (we can transport in some cases)
  •               We prepare an inventory and contract outlining terms of sale.
  •               We carefully store your bottles before the auction.
  •               Our team catalogs each bottle, and we take beautiful photos
  •               The auction catalog is published, and bidding is open!
  •               After a successful sale, we collect payments and distribute the bottles to buyers
  •               30 days after the auction, you get paid.

There's an App for that...

It’s ready! Download the Good Bottle Auctions App: Get auction notifications, Browse the catalog, register for the auction, and win Whiskey, Wine, and Spirits bottles on any device.

Selling Whiskey at auction is simple:

Finally, you can monetize those bottles you have been collecting for years. Does your basement look like a dusty liquor store without customers? Did your significant other just tell you to “sell some of your collection” because you maxed out your credit card buying every Bookers release? Then we have the service for you…

Step 1


We believe you should know what your bottles are worth before making any decisions.  Send a list (or photos) of the bottles you want to sell, and we can start the conversation!

Step 2


We have to take possession of all items before bringing them to auction, to guarantee their authenticity and to comply with state laws, blah, blah…  to find out how to get your bottles to us, reach out here

Step 3


The auction process works because we are on the same team. We want to sell your bottles for as much as possible! When we do well, you do well. Contact us for a free, no-obligation commission quote.

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